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Helping Others Through Knitting – You Can Do It Too!

Helping Others Through Knitting Here are two stories where caring people began helping others through knitting! It’s an activity that most of us can do. Each project below has begun recently. Acts of kindness are within reach and you can start today! 1. 86-Year-Old Grandfather with Cancer Helps Hundreds of Premature Babies He just learned…

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Small Acts of Kindness are Big

Small Acts of Kindness are Big! A helping hand doesn’t need to be big in size. Small acts of kindness are the helpful attitude that matters the most. There are a few sides to each act of kindness. The Gift of Kindness The Recipient of the gift Kindness The Witnesses of that gesture Everyone benefits. The…

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Patriot’s Fan Happy with an Act of Kindness

Patriot’s Fan Happy with an Act of Kindness Joey Jacobsen was 10 years old when the woodcutting accident happened. He’s come a long way since and is happy with an act of kindness from Patriot strong safety Patrick Chung. Here is a note from the Grand Forks Herald: This story of miracles and belief began…

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Santa Shows Autistic Boy He is Nice not Naughty

Autistic Boy is Nice not Naughty! Landon Johnson will be fine in his life. But, he got hung up on something he had been told by adults. They have said, “you don’t need to be so naughty,” or, “why are you so naughty?” Well, Landon didn’t start talking until he was almost 4 years old. He…

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