99 Days of Goodology®

The Goodology® experience to adjust your habits so that you create currency to fire on all cylinders. Have a great day.

Knowing Your Goal: 99 Days of Goodology

Know Your Reason: 99 Days of Goodology! Why are you interested this topic? It’s all about you – your reason desire goal. You could tune in for personal development (and “self-improvement”) reasons. You may want to be more competitive in your work life. You want to be better. You want to be stronger. You want to…

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Core Human Needs: Approval Security Control

Core Human Needs: Approval, Security and Control It is said that every movement and action a human being takes somehow feeds one of these three core human needs (wants): approval, security and control.  Sit with that for a minute. Approval. Security. Control. Approval is the desire to belong or be loved or be validated. We…

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