Bernie Fallon

Author and teacher Bernie Fallon

Why Goodology?

What drove me to study this topic? I liked the word “good.” I like the concept. It is gentle. It is disarming. I wanted to do something good with my life, which is a feeling I have had since I was a teen. With that, I wanted to do the “best” and what I felt was…

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What is Goodology About?

Someone smiles at you.  Do you notice that a smile generally makes you feel better?  What about if you smile at someone?  You feel better.  What happens to “make you feel better?”  Energy releases.  Your energy flow inside releases to a feeling of safety.  Something natural happens. If someone is kind to you, your energy…

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A Goodology View

Positive affirmations can be useful because they synergistically connect with what you are at your core. They match truths. Before affirmations or any other tool can help us, however, we need to look at the entire set up. There is a mass of energy that exists without being touched. So, if a positive affirmation coincidently…

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Shootings in Tucson

Be the first to forgive. Reacting with the same energy that caused a problem continues to lay the same soil for the growth of the same problems. Let’s get out of the circle. Be the first to love. If you feel someone acted in ignorance, anger or hate, forgive them. By doing this you empower yourself. The person acting in ignorance…

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I like movies set in California or New York City. Watching movies is such an experience. They are so well done, you feel like you have visited these places. It’s great to absorb the feel of the movie. You might like a scene in the Bahamas in a movie or a scene in the countryside.…

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The Beauty of Problems

The Beauty of Problems! It is difficult to effectively solve a problem unless we correctly identify the cause of the problem. Does that make sense? If the problem is not isolated and understood, there can be a whole bunch of extra energy running you around in circles. You seem busy trying to solve the problem,…

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