Book Project

About Goodology ®

by Bernie Fallon Authors, speakers and the motivational folk talk about personal development. They have ‘systems of success.’  You bet. There is a lot of value in these systems which give you strategies to succeed. But, understand this. What’s happening is that you are using your same amount of energy while trying to implement different strategies. Does…

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Book project infusion of happiness

One of the book projects I am working on yields an infusion of happiness through sharing hundreds of positive acts – with a twist. My thought was to write something with many “acts” that supposedly make you feel better.  I have broken it down into categories like things you can do at work to make…

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Why Goodology?

What drove me to study this topic? I liked the word “good.” I like the concept. It is gentle. It is disarming. I wanted to do something good with my life, which is a feeling I have had since I was a teen. With that, I wanted to do the “best” and what I felt was…

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