Bullied Boy Gets Support from Chris Evans and Snoop Dog

Bullied Boy Gets Support Below is an emotional video of a bullied young man named Keaton Jones. Chris Evans invited the boy to the Avengers premiere. Social media has been a positive support with Keaton. Check out the hashtag #StandWithKeaton. Senator Bob Corker, the UFC, LSU Cheerleading, Rep Joe Kennedy, III and many celebrities have…

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Dad’s Song Helps Daughter with Bullying in School

Dad Helps Daughter with Bullying in School This little girl was being bullied at school. She said that boys were mean to her and called her names. When she told her dad about it, he did something special. Instead of reacting angrily, he reacted with positive action and beautiful support. This awesome dad wrote a…

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Battle Against Bullying for Autistic Son

Battle Against Bullying for Autistic Boy in South Carolina Here is an idea from parents of an autistic boy who has been bullied while in school. Ayden says he has no friends in school and that kids don’t speak to him. His mom’s idea is to surprise him with birthday cards on his birthday which…

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