Hard work

Homeless to Valedictorian Congratulations Griffin

18 years old and homeless, Griffin Furlong to graduate as valedictorian: http://t.co/RFhI7XJZFz #AmericaStrong pic.twitter.com/DISejPzYbJ — ABC News (@ABC) May 30, 2014 Griffin M. Furlong grew up living in shelters, borrowed couches and hotels. He doesn’t wake up in his own bed or the same bed in the morning. He and his family have been homeless…

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Wrestler Ben Jackson is Driven By Heart through Cerebral Palsy

Think about what goes through a young person’s mind. Think about the challenges of ‘how to’ accomplish. Now, think about what Ben Jackson has had to overcome. He has spastic cerebral palsy, which is a disorder that results in stiff muscles and awkward movement. Just 20 years old, Ben says, “The world is a terrifying…

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