love flow

Book project infusion of happiness

One of the book projects I am working on yields an infusion of happiness through sharing hundreds of positive acts – with a twist. My thought was to write something with many “acts” that supposedly make you feel better.  I have broken it down into categories like things you can do at work to make…

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Don’t Fear Honesty!

We’re not perfect. We have issues! Those issues can be opportunities for growth for sure. When you honestly recognize feelings or disturbances within you, you have connected with gold. Here just a few examples of opportunity:  Anytime you dislike something  Anytime you feel disrespected  Anytime you feel annoyed  Anytime you think you cannot do something …

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Energy flow to Perception

I once saw a toddler just beginning to walk. She was playing and practicing holding on to a chair at the airport. Mom was free for a moment to look and admire. I sat there and appreciated the energy flow of a mother who loved her baby. Seek out opportunities to observe moments of free…

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