Kindness on September 11th

Kindness on September 11th You don’t need something bad to happen to perform a good act. But, September 11th, 2017 is the 16th anniversary of the attacks that changed our world forever. It’s a wound in our psyche that is hard to heal. Habits are hard to change also. Here, step out of day to…

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Kindness to Senior Citizens

Kindness to Senior Citizens Here’s a great example of being neighborly and helpful. I love it. I believe that inside of each person is the ability and desire for kindness. We all know that desire can be taken away (temporarily) when we get overly engaged in our projects, tasks, goals and directions. Right? When we…

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Bank Turns an ATM into an Automated Thanking Machine

This is a worthwhile (and emotional) short video of an ATM (Automated Thanking Machine). In a world of social media, companies are beginning to spend some advertising dollars this way. Smart move huh? Thank you to the GoodNewsNetwork for the heads up on this Automated Thanking Machine! *The photo above is from this video below:

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