Inspiring Journey for Underprivileged Kids

These kids got outside of themselves and saw the world – through photography. Many homeless and underprivileged children from Children First Academy in Phoenix, Arizona felt an extreme sense of accomplishment. Professional photographer Karen Shell taught these kids a skill. She shared her love, confidence, compassion and photography skills with these kids. And, you can…

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Operation Warm Provides New Coats to Kids in Need

The more we can increase awareness of those in need, the more help can be provided. You never know what will inspire people to act. I would like to mention a giving organization that has been very busy over the last 16 years – particularly the freezing cold winter last year. Operation Warm provides new…

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Nine Year Old Boy Collects Shoes for Poor Kids

If a 9 year old can do it, what are you capable of doing? Mikey Solava’s mom, Tina, showed him some pictures of poor children in Africa around the time the family went to Disney World. Through the course of vacation and living daily life, his mom forgot about the incident. But it stuck in Mikey’s mind. He…

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