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Share your ideas and WIN! What is your FAVORITE WAY TO PUT A SMILE ON SOMEONE’S FACE?

What is your favorite way to put a smile on someone's face?
What is your favorite way to put a smile on someone’s face?
Share your answer to ONE of the following:
One Hundred Dollars to the Winner
You can win $100 by sharing your favorite way to make someone SMILE.
  • 1. How to Put a SMILE on a STRANGER’S FACE?
  • 2. How to Put a SMILE on a FAMILY MEMBER’S FACE?
  • 3. How to Put a SMILE on a FRIEND’S FACE?
Share an experience. Share an idea. Tell a joke. Simply smile. What do you do? Surprise a family member? Give a gift to a friend? Mow someone’s lawn? Visiting a nursing home? Teach children? What do you do to make someone smile and breathe easier?
  • Too often expressionless people walk through the grocery stores. Let’s change that.
  • People can be wrapped up with concerns of daily life. Brighten their day.
  • Your answers will give all of us new and creative ideas for spreading more cheer in our world.
  • Thank you.
Fill out the form below sharing your answer. Keep it simple. Or, you can elaborate. You choose:
  • “Your favorite way to put a smile on someone’s face?”
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