Your Good Acts


This was from a contest where I asked:

What GOOD Would You Do or Could You Do With $100?

Jenny – Pay It Forward
I would take the $100 and invest it in baking goodies to sell to make more money to give to a family who is need right now in my neighborhood.

Alexis Victoria – Share The Wealth
Id Buy A stranger a cup of joe,take my family out to eat,and give the Bum on the corner w/ the will work for food sign a Happy Meal,Because every one deserves to be Happy & fed I Belive!Thats how I’d share the wealth!& Goodness May God Bless Everyone Always!

Magdolna – Help The Hungry Children
I could provide water and food to a child in Africa with a 100$ for about 2 months.

Deborah – Help Abused Neglected Animals
There are so many helpless men, women, children, and animals that $100 feels so insignificant. At this moment, I would buy $100 of pet food and supplies, and bring it to the closest no-kill shelter. And I would collect all my old sheets, towels and blankets and deliver those as well.

Allan – Treat My Wife
We never have any extra money so with $100 I would take my wife out to an expensive restaurant to spoil her for the night. she really deserves it!

Acdcmj – For My Parents
My parents have done so much for me my whole life. They have supported me in whatever I chose to do as a career. I’d like to give the $100 to my parents as a small token of appreciation for all they have done for me & for their love & support.

Ervin – What Good Would I Do With $100?
I would donate it to the mens action ministry its a group of men who help out people of need fixing up their homes.

Bernie – Flowers To Senior Citizens
How about spending $100 on flowers? Give flowers and smiles to seniors in a nursing home.

Rebecca – Tuscaloosa
I live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where a tornado destroyed much of our town on April 27th. I would donate the money to the relief efforts.

Matthew – My Kids
I ony get to see my children for a few weeks a year. this Year I get them the whole summer. I would spend the whole thing on something real fun durung the forth of july. I dony know exactly what that is cause I dont know what they do in arizona around then. I would make it as memoriable for them as i could.

Stacia Anna – Sharing The Good!
There are infinite GREAT possibilities in answering the question of” What good could or would I do with a $100?” After careful deliberation and narrowing down the endless colorful choices I have an entry that reflects and honors my integrable belief system. I value personal and global empowerment thru sharing universal transformational ideas with Community friends. I stand in conviction that thru kinder perceptions, appreciative words, and compassionate goodwill deeds that our planetary lives are enriched beyond measure. I also recognize that many of us neither have the simple integrative tools or the real support required for genuine transformation. I would use the whole $100 to purchase Goodology® books and give them as gifts. I trust the happiness we all seek is within us and all round us. Sometimes we just need a little help from our friends in order to manifest our inherent good. Without constant judgment and fear our capacity for love is strengthened. By sharing the powerful wisdom contained within the Goodology® book I believe that as a person and a Global Community we can reclaim our mutual prosperity and total well-being. Please hear my faithful heart when I tell you this is what I would do with the $100 upon winning. I am not professionally involved in the sales or promotion of Bernie’s fabulous book in any fashion. Nor am I presently or in the past employed by anyone as a part of the vitally important work that Bernie is brilliantly teaching, although I do whole heartedly believe in the Goodology® mission. There is absolutely no personal financial compensation, property, prestige, or fame that I am trying to get. I am simply posting my honest entry along with everyone else participating. I am a friend to humanities highest potential. I hold sacred the immeasurable treasure that is within all of our storehouses as spiritual beings that are growing thru everyday human experiences. I have faith that as individuals and a collective society we can take our rightful place by being the miraculous difference.

Lisa – $100 Worth Of Goodness
I would donate the money to our local animal shelter to be put towards spaying/neutering pets for people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it.

Maria – A New Bike
I would use the money to buy a new second hand bicycle for my mum or my niece. They both would need one and this would be perfect for a second hand bike! Just fit!

Jason – Medicine
I could use it to buy medicine, so I can breathe and feel good.

Erica – Joplin
I live fairly close to Joplin and our area has been donating a lot of items to the residents there who have lost everything in the recent tornado. I would spend the 100.00 on donation items that are often left out like baby formula, dog and cat food for pets and send to the people who have lost everything in Joplin.

John – Operation Smile
One of my favorite organizations is operation smile. They help out so many children around the world to be able to do what most of us take for granted…smile!

Becky – Children Day Out
What I would do with 100.00 I would take a couple children who don’t have alot out to the park, out to eat and a movie. to let them have a day of fun.

Karen – How You Can Help With $100
do you could give someone hope with $1oo. Maybe get them some clothing and help them write a resume to find a job, or find some shelter to avoid the weather and some food for their family.

Randy – My Way Of Helping
I would help my daughter continue her education, a 100 dollars would help greatly.

David – Mr
id get someone a dog, preferably a rescue dog, or at least a companion animal they could cope with. i used to foster animals for a domestic violence charity, and later rehomed 2 dogs and the love companionship and loyalty these and my other pets give me as been invaluable, i dont know what id do without them and hope they wouldnt to…

Michael – Divine Plan
I dedicate everything, including money, to the Divine Plan for my life, which massively serves all life. Currently, my primary service is helping people to become aware of their Real Self that is one with God and which created and sustains 400 billion galaxies. That is the most valuable experiential information possible. Once anyone has it, life immediately becomes easier, more enjoyable, and all things become possible. Then, we use breath to bring the subconscious mind into the physical body to find what patterns are blocking you from creating whatever you want in your life.We then heal and transform those energy patterns to empower you to begin to have, be, and do, whatever you want to have, be, and do. If I win the contest, I will offer this service to anyone you select and we will have magnificently contributed to the originating intention of Supreme Intelligence.

Judy – Changing The Life Of Children With $100
My first thought was spending the money at the food shelf, although I do that every week anyway, but I revised my thinking, as that will only put a bandaid on the life of those needing assistance. After consideration, I decided that changing the attitude and self perception of children is the way, I would put that money to use.

I teach art to children ages 3 – 14 years of age. To give children confidence in their creative ability, to enhance their self esteem through creating art, gives a lasting memory that can impact many. Most children love to create, it is built into our creative nature as human beings. Unfortunately, many children are not given the opportunity, are not given the skills when the opportunity exists, are criticized and critiqued for their work, and are hampered in their endeavors. Through teaching children the skills needed to enable personal success, and giving them the opportunity with quality art supplies, an amazing transformation in self esteem and self confidence emerges.
Consequently, that $100 would be spent on quality art supplies that could open windows to children that may ultimately positively change their life.

Diana – I’d Support Granny’s Home – Would You?
Be a Hero – for the price of a cup of coffee – help us Save Granny’s Home
We have a 78 year old disabled grandmother who is in court facing an eviction from the home that she has faithfully paid for each month for the last 8 years. The Villain in this tale is actually not the mortgage company – unfortunately it is her own son who claims that she was just “renting” the property. And now that she requires a daily attendant wants to double her so-called “rent”. Her other child, my mom, has hired an attorney to help Granny keep her home, but the costs are mounting. They are under a Judge’s Order to submit $900 by next week to an Escrow account with the Son’s attorney until the court date arrives. Granny only receives $900 a month in retirement. Mom helped out as much as she could until she lost her job.
For a $1 – $5 donation, you can be a Hero in the life of a woman who has spent her whole life helping others, including her son and his family.
An account has been setup with PayPal ~ to receive all donations.
If you are unfamiliar with PayPal and would still like to help, please send an email to with Hero in the subject line and a donation invoice will be sent to you.
Thank you,
Granny’s kids

Barbara – Random Acts Of Kindness
Random acts of kindness do not mean you have to go out of your way to do something nice to make someone’s day. Slip the cashier a couple of extra dollars to help the person behind you pay for their purchase. Grab an extra bouquet of flowers, give it to the gal at the drive through window, I did this once and her reaction and smile made my day! If we all took a little more time and thought a little more of others this world would be a kinder place to be.

Abhishek – Japanese Tsunami Victims
Their lives changed overnight and I’d like to bring a smile on some of the kids’ faces by buying them toys. Seeing a smile on their kids’ faces will also make them smile.

Pennie – Help Save A Man’s Best Friend
I came across a story through facebook about a homeless man & his dog. Many are trying to help this sick dog for him (dog’s name-boulder)Boulder has a large tumor that needs to be removed & there is a vet taking him on, but the cost is considerable for this surgery.
I would forward this $100 to help with the vet bill! This story & his picture brought tears to my eyes, as I look at my dogs there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them! I can only imagine how this man feels about his only friend & companion! Even if you don’t select me, please find it in your heart to spread the word & help them back to health.

Ellen- For My Son
I would put $100 into my son’s bank acct. When he was a baby we were very short on money and had to use his money that was supposed to be for him to save for his future. We felt so guilty but needed it. We have paid most of it back but we want to be able to give him more. He is a nice, smart, caring boy and he deserves the world!

Audrenia – Ms.
I would pay to whom I owe. Buy some food.

Bibi – Feed My Family
I would use this money to buy grocey. In these times its hard to afford stuff and extra help goes a long way

Tiffany – What Good Would I Do With $100?
With $100, I would give this money to my aunt, uncle, and cousin who are currently really struggling with money who don’t have enough money to make ends meet or to buy enough food.

Sue – What Good Would You Do With $100?
put toward a wood burning furnace for native americans at pine ridge reservation

Betty – Joplin
We needed help to get whatever we could out of our two storage units which was hit by the tornado. The man that helped us move into them came with two young men to help. I of course asked them if they lost anything and each had. The one youngest was living in a shelter & had nothing left at all. He was so eager to help me get what I could & never complained about himself. He had no clothes but what he had on. He was just so nice and caring that I would love to give him the $100. All he cared about was everyone else & how he could help anyone.
We lost all of our belongings but have a place to stay. We are insured but so many others are not. This town is full of loving, caring people & I am so glad we moved here to be with them & help them in ways I never knew mattered before. Just listening seems to be a wonderful help.

Julie-Ann – Future Self
I would invest the money into the future which in the law of life would benefit all regardless of my exact decision. However, I am pyschic and believe that the deep connection between all speaks truth and guides me forwards, therefore my decision on what to spend it on would come from my heart

Theresa – Med Bills
put it towards Mom and Dad’s med bills or my own

Pat – What I Would Do With $100?
would send $50 to the Obama campaign to help him get re-elected. It is vital to our place in the world. The other $50 would go into a food bank to help the people devastated by these tornadoes. Adoni Adawa in the body of Pat Dunn

Sue – For The Soul — Twice Blessed Thanksgiving
If I were to win $100 gift, I would buy food for God’s Food Bank in Guthrie, Okla.
This past November, our family decided to give our Thanksgiving dinner to a needy local family. We called God’s Food Bank in Guthrie and told them about our plan. They found us a family, an elderly couple with elderly neighbors, to bless. Our 2 grown kids, my husband and myself shopped for a wonderful meal, complete with dessert and delivered it to the food bank for the family to pick up. We heard that they broke down in tears when they received the dinner.
We ourselves enjoyed a turkey lasagne for Thanksgiving, home-made by a single mother of 3 kids who was trying to make ends meet.  I don’t remember ever having a meal that tasted so good. We plan to make this a new family tradition, and we continue to support the food bank every chance we get.

Lisa – Life Of Educated Service And Love
Lisa’s entry: I would apply it toward my cost of education next April with the University of the Pacific and White Bison Organization. They have partnered together to do an extensive and certifiable training course (28 weeks, carrying 14 acrdited college elctive credits)dealing with “Wellbriety” (wellness and sobriety) in our Native American traditional way. In this way, I will be able to be part of the generational trauma healing of my people, in our communities dealing with trauma passed on from generation to generation as a result of modernization, boarding schools, oppressive living conditons and discrimination, which have led many to lifestyles that are full of pain, addiction, and anger. I begin classes in April, and look forward to being part of others’ healing journies into a life of “Wellbriety.” In this way, we are also being responsible to and for our generations to come…. (healthier children, families, communties, and nation).

Anonymous – Feeding The Homeless
I would give meals to the ones who have lost their homes in this economy

Blaire – Preschool
There are three boys in my household; 4,5 8. The youngest is going to be starting VPK and has been attending the same school for a year and half now. With the $100, I would be able to provide his VPK class with the materials and supplies that all schools desperately need.

Michelle – Help Close The Prison Industrial Complex
I would factually accurate history/vocational books my local day care centers, church school, and local elementary/middle schools to help educate children BEFORE they’re entrapped in the schools to prison trap.

Jan – Every Penny Helps – Every Movement Helps
I’d use my $100 toward tuition for Anat Baniel Method Professional training to continue my work with Medically Fragile/Special Needs Children

Kieran – We Can Do So Much With $100
A hundred dollars to a homeless person is like a goldmine to those of us fortunate enough to have a roof over our heads and some degree of dignity and respect in our lives.
Having spent a week living on the streets to mingle with the homeless, I better understand their needs,worries, fears and problems.  When I venture into the city now, I always gravitate to a homeless guy named Brian who shines shoes. I always go to him, whether I need his services or not.
Brian and I interact on a great level and he never asks for a handout as he tells me he would rather work for his money.  I give Brian $20 and even $50 but not for his services; rather for his conversation and insights.  I make that clear to Brian so that for those few moments and perhaps for longer, he can feel truly special.
Each of us has a right to a dignified and empowered life. I tell Brian he is and should be proud of himself.  I have no doubt $100 would help him and countless others. Thanks for the opportunity to contribute.

Donna – Nurse To The Rescue
I’m becoming a nurse. =) Needless to say, its VERY expensive. Even $100 would be very helpful

Stephanie – Love A
Offer an at risk teenager a day of healing with a spa package, a few hours with a mentor to visit animals and nature, and help with academics

Les – Energy And The Internet
The communion of Love and Light on the internet is amazing and brings such Joy, Love and Understanding to many. I’m thankful and excited to be a part of it all! Ever since my accident it has become a major help in my life and Spiritual growth. I have been having some computer problems here lately, but not being able to work, I would use the money to keep my computer going so I can continue to participate in this Wonderful Awakening.
Namaste…  Walking in Love and Light,

Jane – Ms

Lisa – The Good That Can Come From A Child’s Perspective
There are so many things you would do, but I think I would give the $100 to my children and ask them to decide how they could spend the money to help others. It would be an excellent way for them to learn about the value of money, budgeting, and the joy you get from giving. They’d also get to experience that awesome feeling you get when you make another person smile. Lis :o)

Bea – Surprise For My Student!
If I win a 100 dollars, I would like make a surprise for my class. Going up to nearly mountains by forest railway . I would like to see a happiness & smile every,small student’s face. YEAH! Would make me happy to see that how they’re enjoy!

Kristen – If I Had $100 I Would Help My Parents With Their Bills
If I had an extra $100, I would help my parents out financially with their bills. They have done so much for me over the years and have been very supportive of me financially. They deserve at least something in return from me. So if I had an extra $100 I would certainly help them out by paying some of their bills. And given all the bills they have, paying some of them would definitely brighten up their day.

Sherry – Good Deeds
i would use it to make someone happy

Sushilkumar – Food For Street Dogs
Being animal lover i treat every living animal equally.But I care more for street dogs because by being street dogs they hardly get good food to eat,sometime they not even get food to eat 2-3 days continuously…& not even water too. they are mostly dependent on thrown food( waste food)i want to give a good dog food to all street dogs living in my area…i want to feel them good at least for few time.i really have soft corner for dogs…& will also try that some other animal lovers should adopt those so that their life can become more livable…i am 100% these animal are responsible to bring happiness, positive & permanent shift in quality of ones,life.

Isabel – Homeless
I would feed the homeless people at a homeless shelter. I would also take a day off in order to feed them. It would put a smile on face to see them be happy and have a smile on their face.

Mark – Contest
I would donate it to our local food pantry, Footprints in Kittery Maine.

Jack – Win
Win the $ 100

Shane – A Good Thing!!
In Phoenix, The Homeless are thirsty and hot, I would help to get them water with the $100

Machell – What Good Could I Do With $100?
Buy Food and clothes or pay a bill for a family

John – It’s Easy
Certainly, health and marital, and family difficulties are life changing in many cases, but most all other matters are not. Think of all those who are less fortunate and be thankful for your blessings.

Debra – Spread The Good
I would give my 10% to the church,then $10 to a dear friend raising money to go on a mission trip,then I would buy 2 $30 gas cards and 2 $10 Burger King gift cards and give one of each to 2 young people I know that work hard and are really trying to do right – but sometimes go without lunch and struggle to put gas in to go to work.Sometimes just a small helping hand can change the world!

Illona – Synergy
Many of the food banks have bare shelves and record numbers seeking help. My church has programs where members “match” congregational donations. I would recruit as many as I could to match my $100 donation to help our local food bank. And, I would make sure a portion goes to vegetable seeds to give out along with food so people can learn sustainability and independence

Kay – What Would I Do With $100?
I would put it toward my bills which are many

Jennie – $100
I would give it to my dad. He is 70 years old and is on a fixed income. He could use it for food, medical bills or any type of bill he might have.

Pamela – Water Is Necessary To Life
I would send the money to Wateraid, who are a fantastic charity, providing safe clean water supplies to places without water and thereby reducing illness and helping to raise morale throughout third world countries.

Gretchen – School Food Program
I would give the money to my school district food program to help families struggling can be assured their kids get a couple good meals a day

April – Helping The Children
With $100, I would donate it to the Boys and Girls Club of the Grand Strand in Myrtle Beach, SC. My husband and I do a lot of work with this organization and believe the children that are underprivileged would benefit having a place to go after school and during the summer for their summer program. It keeps the children off of the streets and in a place that’s good for them and helps them develop and grow. Having three children of our own, this is something that is very close to our hear

Anonymous – My Brother
i would help my brother buy some new glasses

Tatyana – Mom
I would give her the money because she is a big influence on me and would be a big deal for her. She inspires me to do a lot of things if I put my mind to it. She deserves the money to go to bills, food, or really anything she wants.

Rhianna – Restore Sight To A Blind Person
I would donate it to Seva who could perform two cataract surgerys with a vision-correcting lens implant, post-op care and medications.  That would be a gift that just keeps giving as they get to experience the joy of sight for the rest of their lives

David – To My Loving Sister Chris
My Sister Chris is always sharing and caring,she has a heart of gold.She is always there for our family and would help anyone in a heart beat.She has strong faith in the Lord,I Love her with all my heart and deserves my upmost appreciation,with all my Love, from her brother David.

Jennifer – Losers Don’t Love And Lover’s Don’t Lose
It has been said that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. “If we have truly loved, we cannot ever have lost.”

Alma – Read Forever
I would buy lots of books for my grandson (2yrs old), so he can fall in love with reading and read forever

Karen – Extreme Couponing To Fill Food Bank
I would contact one of the extreme couponing ladies and ask her to teach me to extreme coupon so that I would be able to donated loads of food to our local food bank. Then I would continue to make donations to the food bank each month with my own grocery money. To me that is the best use of extreme couponing. Taking $100 and really impacting the community.

Some Previous GOOD Entries

Helping Her Sick Uncle
My name is Connie and im 14 years old and here’s my Good thing… My uncle had a brain tumor and he lives in a country called Honduras and he couldn’t pay for the surgery because it was expensive. So when my mom and I found out we were in shock and started to cry because if we didn’t do anything about it he would have passed away (and for the record I’ve never met my uncle or any of my family in honduras). So I came up with doing a Car Wash! Just to help with the money. I told my friends from church about my story and what had happened and asked if we could do a Car Wash! They said well sure but we have a book a place like at a gas station so we did. And the following weekends we raised about 300 dollars which is a lot of money in honduras I’m glad and very thankful that the surgery went great 🙂
Connie F

Homeless Happy Easter
Gave a homeless man some money and wished him a Happy Easter and went to church…..I always give to the homeless never know when one might be an angel……:)
Nancy Haley Lipps Furlong

Helping a Dear Friend
I sold pink Carnations to help raise money for a co-worker / very dear friend of mine who has been diagnosed with Breast cancer.
Jennifer Reynolds Sitzer

Beautiful Water Fall
I took teenagers who have never seen a beautiful waterfall to Bash Bish Falls, and let them adventure….like young boys should-they have never had the chance to. They’ve had to grow up quickly due to circumstances beyond their control….it was a wonderful experience, for me, but even more, for them
Nina Arienti

Help him get up
A man about seventy-five years old fell on the sidewalk in California. I got out of my car and went to help him get up. He banged his head but was okay – just embarrassed a bit. I smiled quite a bit and didn’t say much while walking him into the breakfast restaurant that was on his agenda for that morning. Have a great day.
Bernie Fallon

Stand by You
My mom is struggling with some health issues…so I recorded the song “I will stand by you” by Rascal Flats and printed out the words for her really big to read as the song was playing….she was afraid…I hope I helped her feel safe.
Lisa Tiedel

Today I took time for me
I woke up and wrote about how grateful I am for all the Good in my Life and how much I appreciate those Good things. After writing this in my journal, I spent the next moments breathing deep the peace that is so needed in all our lives. Thoughts of Good health, abundance and thoughts of helping others and spreading the Good things. It was great to take that time for me and connecting with source, I usually start to work as soon as I get up.  Today I feel GOOD. . . .

Barb Anderson

Thoughtful Surprise
I brought 2 of my employees out on a surprise field trip and took them to see the new movie I Am, The Documentary.  It was inspiring, thought provoking and lots of fun.  We met after and talked about how we can change the world.

Steff L

It’s a Life Style

I spend my day helping.  I love it!

Helped an elderly lady with directions to get to her my workplace.
Helped a gentlemen ordering 2 dozen long stem red roses with a single white rose in the middle to be delivered to his wife today.
Greeted everybody with a big smile and hello.
I offered to cover for a coworker so he could take his lunch. Offered to cover for the front desk agent so she could go outside walking in the beautiful sunshine.

Anna A

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