Dr. Teshna on Relationships and her book Fit For Love


Dr. Teshna Beaulieu digs deep to help her patients and her community.  Her work is founded in chiropractic medicine – specifically Network Chiropractic. Upon that she studies extensively to give her patients the best. She has become an expert in the Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), homeopathy, and quantum neurology (which uses light to heal the body).

But this episode is on love and relationships. Noticing that people continuously have relationship issues, Teshna pulled her knowledge together to write an influential book. Teshna talks about her personal life. Her marriage that ended when her husband fell in love with another woman. She was devastated. She said she was destroyed. So, she did what she knew to do. She studied and learned. Teshna found blueprints and patterns that dictated your relationships. Check out her book:

Fit for Love: Manifest Your Ideal Relationship, Understand and Transform Your Love Blueprint – Are You “Fit For Love”? Have you ever wondered why you are always attracted to the same type of person, even if they are abusive or controlling? And even if you are aware of this tendency, do you feel helpless to change it? After years of observation, Dr. Teshna Beaulieu came up with the concept of a “Love Blueprint,” a unique pattern formed early on in life. In Fit for Love, Dr. Teshna shows how to discover your own Love Blueprint-as well as a powerful technique to transform it to your advantage.


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  1. You can reach Dr. Teshna by clicking here.

Freedom Chiropractic is at 7 Maple Street in Philmont, NY. The phone number is (518) 672-4019.


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