Knowing Your Goal: 99 Days of Goodology

Truth: The Solid Foundation Upon Which You Build Your Life

Know Your Reason: 99 Days of Goodology!

Why are you interested this topic? It’s all about you – your reason desire goal.

  • You could tune in for personal development (and “self-improvement”) reasons.
  • You may want to be more competitive in your work life. You want to be better. You want to be stronger. You want to get ahead.
  • Maybe, you may want to feel peace. Maybe, you may want to feel more love. Maybe you just want to feel GOOD!
  • Or, from my perspective, maybe you want to do GOOD in the world, so you want to be more empowered to do that.

The question is, what will really offer you that edge?

Personal Un-Development

Be honest. Have you ‘failed’ in any way with a personal development goal? Have you read a book, which was supposed to change your life? Then, a few months after reading that book, your life is still the same? Have you been to a seminar that made promises? What about a video or audio series that left you unfulfilled?

Learning and Thirst for Knowledge

The number of spiritual books and information is at an all time high. You want to be stronger and more connected – however that happens. For YOUR OWN REASON, your own desire, you want to be more empowered.

You may battle with addiction. Through your recovery process, you are exposed to and enlightened by spirituality and personal development topics. You want to learn more.

Goodology is Truthful

Going through 99 Days of Goodology, you’ll find yourself saying, ‘I always knew that.” Or, you may say, “I always thought that.” Phrases resonate. You say, “that makes sense.”

We’re tapping into a ‘knowing’ that is already within you. It’s truth. My intention is to be truthful. The results are the same.

Sure, like all of us, I have spent a decent amount of time studying personal development and spirituality. But, I need to see only true results within myself. Without that, I can’t deliver a message.

The real solution is that I have studied myself and my responses to my environment. I answered the question as to why I didn’t get the results that all the books promised.

So, have you tried something and not gotten the results you want? Have you tried and failed? Are you curious? Do you want more money? Do you want more fame? Do you want to be happy within yourself? What do you want?

For a moment, think about any desire you have. That is, why are you interested in 99 Days of Goodology? Okay, put that thought away for later. Let it go.

Today’s Exercise: Knowing

Today’s Exercise is NOT to focus hard on your goal (we’ll get to desire and goals later). In fact, if we focus on goals today, it could be counter-productive.  Knowing you can achieve goals is a more important currency than setting goals.

Today’s exercise is to know. Know you have the power and ability to express and unfold your true talents. Keep in mind that is starts small!

  • Today’s exercise is to look at the back of your right hand. Now that you see the back of your right hand, move your pinky finger.

Did it move? Yeah, probably a few other fingers moved as well. But the fact is that it moved. You have command and control. There is a mechanism within you, which you control that can free your life.

Just spend your day knowing that you have the power.

  • Now, turn your hand around. Look at your palm. Close your fist and raise one finger – the pinky finger. Move that finger. Accomplishment number two.

We continually bypass simple mechanisms within ourselves. There are movements going on within you that are that simple. They seem that insignificant yet are controlling your life, actions, energy level, attraction and so much more. For now, just know. That if you can command your pinky to move, then you have the power. Know. You have the ability.

Photo Credit: vd1966 up via photopin (license)


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