Renee Siegel Overcoming Addictions to Wellness with the Enneagram


Renee Siegel has been a highly sought after and recognized international leader in the fields of wellness and addictions counseling for over 35 years. Even with all that accomplishment, Renee says her introduction to the Enneagram is the greatest influence in her life and practice. It’s a historical model of human personality for growing self-awareness, finding balance, and re-establishing connection with self and others, has become a core tool in her practice.

I met Renee by happenstance – a phone call. I own a condo in Arizona. The prospective tenant listed Renee down as a former landlord, which meant I need to contact this woman named Renee on the phone. I felt instantly comfortable with Renee! I wondered when she answered the phone ABC Wellness. I immediately liked her genuineness, patience, rapport and calm. So, it was easy to begin conversation and invited her on the podcast!

ABC Wellness and Healing is Awareness, Balance and Connection. Her focus is to ‘partner’ in wellness, healing and recovery. That is a very natural and honest statement for Renee. I say that because of first hand experience and that you’ll see, below, that her passion is relationships and connectivity. She is aligned with her purpose. People that come to her are open to wellness and have taken the first step.  The rest is built through the partnership. It’s a winning formula.

Beauty of Problems

  1. $750,000 of gambling debt that her husband secretly built, for which she became responsible – find out what she did to overcome it

Renee’s Likes:

  1. Energy
  2. Movement, moving her body through exercise and dance
  3. Travel
  4. Music

Renee’s Passion:

  1. Connection – connectivity, relationships

Act of Kindness Toward Renee:

  1. Michael Brubaker – helped Renee in various ways when she needed it

Contact Renee:

  1. Website –
  2. Twitter – @reneesiegel1204
  3. Facebook –
  4. LinkedIn – here


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