114 Year Old Bernando LaPallo Five Foods for a Healthy Life

Bernando LaPallo Healthy Living at 114 years old
Bernando LaPallo Healthy Living at 114 years old

Bernando LaPallo: Suggestions on Healthy Living

Bernando LaPallo was born in 1901, so at the time of this writing that makes him 114 years old. LaPallo commented, “they had no automobiles, no airplanes. I saw them all come about.” LaPallo sure has come a long way. He said, “well, I know you have heard the old saying, ‘you are what you eat.’ That’s a start. And, he continues, “eat properly and get your rest.”

Let’s find out his secret. But, first, let me point out that his family says he was born in 1901, which is what his birth certificate says. But, he may have been born in 1910 (numbers were transposed). Either way, it’s a long healthy life (if he’s born in 1910, he’s 105).

Let’s start with the five foods he recommends:


Benefits of Garlic PhotoA plant in the onion family, Garlic has enormous health benefits. Garlic is said to treat acne, hair loss, fight the common cold, enhance physical performance and a whole lot more. Garlic tastes great and adds to fulfilling meals and I have to fill space to get to the next line. Great!. I have written up a report on the benefits of garlic, which you can view here.


Benefits of HoneyAn energy booster. If you are going for a workout, take a spoonful of honey. It will take you much further. If you are feeling tired and listless, put some honey in your tea. Honey builds your immune system, it can help against cancer, cure a hangover, it’s good for cuts and bruises, sore throats, sleeplessness and a whole lot more. There is a report on the benefits of honey here (coming soon).


Great Benefits of CinnamonCinnamon has powerful medicinal properties. It’s loaded with anti-oxidants. It has anti-inflammatory processes. It may cut the risk of heart disease. Cinnamon can be used to treat muscle spasms, vomiting, diarrhea, infections, loss of appetite and erectile dysfunctions! I have written a much more complete article, which you can read here (coming soon).


The benefits of chocolate are heart related – like lower blood pressure, lowerHealthy Benefits of Chocolate bad cholesterol (LDL) and a lower risk of heart disease. Dark chocolate is heart healthy and has great inflammation fighting properties. The ever popular health chocolate report is here (coming soon). Enjoy.

Olive Oil

Healthy Benefits of Olive OilWe’ve heard a lot about the health benefits of Olive Oil. Populations from the Mediterranean region have longer life expectancy and lower risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. Why is this? First, think of this. The process is incredibly simple… you just press the olives and the oil comes out. Less processing and fake foods is better. Extra virgin olive oil is best. Read more as I elaborate on the benefits of olive oil because there can be a lot of imitation (coming soon).

Bernando LaPallo’s Father

Bernando LaLapallo’s father taught him that health should be your first priority. In order to do that, you eat properly. get proper rest and keep your colon clean. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Stay away from ordinary red meat. God left the Garden of Eden with fruit and vegetables – no fried chicken.

Here is a video from Bernando on ABC15 in Phoenix, AZ:

Completely Vegan Diet

The next video is an update when he was much younger at 111 years old. His diet is a completely vegan diet. Another secret is “good living baby” – just taking care of his body. He walks a mile every day. He lives on green vegetables, fruit and he can’t live without olive oil. He bathes his feet and massages them every night in olive oil. He says his feet are as soft as their face. He has never had a corn. Another quote from Bernando, “Everything in moderation.”

Goodology Perspective

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