Kindness is a Super Power in West Stockbridge, MA

Super Powers in West Stockbridge

Kindness is the Greatest Power

In running for selectman in West Stockbridge, I was told to highlight my experience with managing budgets, negotiating contracts, planning, forecasting, listening to customers and providing stellar customer service presentations..

Yes, my corporate, speaking and entrepreneurial experience is a great asset. It really is valuable. So, it’s good advice! But there’s something much moreernie Fallon Image for West Stockbridge powerful driving the bus for me. It is kindness. Kindness trumps all else because with that intention, you never give up! I work harder. For that reason, I have found solutions that few people see.

That’s huge. Kindness is one of the most meaningful actions in the world touching many because it is broad, resourceful and growing. Kindness lingers positively and has no limits – from its direct action toward people to the ripples and repercussions of kindness.

And, the timing of my Goodology® philosophy with government is perfect! Governor Baker signed House Bill No. 2747 on April 28th, 2016, that May is the Month of Kindness in Massachusetts.

It’s a fuel that continues to replenish nourish.

Negativity is “Dead” Energy

Here’s the truth. Revenge, anger, blame and retaliation are one-directional, limiting and wilting. Those emotions are weak, singularly focused, one-shot deals. Revenge serves your own needs and is selfish. You certainly can’t (or shouldn’t) run a government with this energy.

You could have all the skill in the world, but if you don’t have the desire, then it means nothing. You can have experience on your resume, but if you are caught up in revenge and your own agenda, it’s worthless to a municipality – possibly damaging.

The other day at the bank a teller commented on our election here in West Stockbridge, “is it a heated!?” The insinuation was that there might be negativity.

No, no, no. It’s positive. I don’t feel that negativity. I feel respect. My opponent has good intentions – his own agenda, but I support his expression. I do feel a competitive spirit. This makes me better. Hopefully it makes him better.

In the end, we have very similar long term goals. We have been friends with his family for a long time. We still live in the same town and are friends. I’ll always serve and support him and his businesses wholeheartedly. He’ll do the same with mine. We are on the same team.

A Shift

Elections are a time of re-calibration. Come together, shift and act. Then we grow better, larger and smarter.

When operating from kindness, you don’t overlook poverty. You seek ways to help. You dig deep. Kindness serves all, summons strength and finds ways. How does revenge, anger and retaliation serve in cases of humanity? Revenge doesn’t connect and it’s not broad.

Community needs can be overlooked with narrow views.

We need to accept a new world! We need to do it politically at the smallest levels. Foundational, grass roots kindness can grow from the smallest communities to blanket kindness around our world. Don’t overlook anything or anyone. Respect. Listen.

Kindness leads to openness and support. Revenge and retaliation lead down a dark narrow path.

Since this is my own blog, I can write what I want. So, here you go. How about lying? Advertisers do it. The used car salesman might do it. We lie to ourselves. Our government leaders are shattering records for the pace of their untruths! It’s gross (ah, 5th grade). Glaring lies are woven into the fabric of society and accepted (disgustingly so) especially if it serves your point of view.

Stop it.

Honesty IS possible. …And, back to the regularly scheduled article. Yeah, I have intelligence with budgets, spreadsheets, accounting and planning. But, it’s all driven by a greater power. Kindness yields boundless creativity and boundless caring. That’s why I have had success in my corporations and entrepreneurial endeavors.

It’s ALL possible. Truth is possible. Kindness is possible. Openness is possible. So is acceptance. So is respect for opponents. Get ready Berkshire County and Massachusetts. May is the Month of Kindness in Massachusetts. Power West Stockbridge with your vote for it on May 8th.

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