About Goodology

Goodology Book Cover ImageOn the surface Goodology is kindness, compassion and good acts. That makes sense from a word that means, “the study of good.” Giving, kindness, caring, being thoughtful and supportive are all part of the package. Goodology originates from:

  • A desire to give the best to other people and the world.
  • Give the greatest gifts and do so while not hurting anyone.

Okay, great. So, if you want to do the best for everyone, then you need an understanding of something. You need to understand the makeup of unhappiness, lack of success and pain. You need to take that to a level and a depth, which no one has. This is what we do with Goodology.

Making Meaning of The Unseen

At its core, Goodology is personal growth and understanding inner energy. Our world is an exact match and reflection of our inner energy. To make the world a better place, we must understand inner energy and allow it to flow. Coincidentally, this happens with kind acts, safety, love and understanding.

If you think about it, the world around you is an exact match of your inner energy. The results you have and the life you create is in accordance with and in proportion to your energy. This sounds like it’s hard to see?

Rest assured that there is a precise mechanism within you which produces your results in the world.  When found,  you can adjust your internal mechanics to change how you feel in your life. If we want changes in the world or within ourselves, recognizing this mechanism and understanding it is the way.  Otherwise, we are just rearranging the world with the same amount of energy. Until you go underneath the hood and readjust the mechanisms driving the bus, your world will be about the same.  Our world will be an exact mirror of that which is inside of us.

Goodology is a process that was developed from a desire to do GOOD combined with a dissatisfaction in personal development material that existed.  I had studied a lot of it, but had to be honest.  If I really did what the book or tape series said, it didn’t really take me to the levels that were advertised.  Why was it “working” for others?  Was the material, really, actually working?  Were they really getting the advertised results?

It was this depth and truth that I wanted that led me to understand mechanisms deep within.  It could only come from being honest and really understanding depth.  There is an engine powering us internally.  But for the most part that engine is sputtering (and hidden).  We operate with limited energy thinking that “this is just the way it is.”

There is much more driving us and powering the engine than we allow.

Personal growth is really unleashing blocked energy within you (the “growth” part is recapturing, reclaiming or allowing more of your own already existing energy to emerge).  But you can’t unleash anything until you correctly identify it.  No one really ever touches that, so we operate carrying around large amounts of sludge.  In Goodology, I study the empowering effects of good. The more we increase our understanding, compassion and kindness, the more we “synergize” and increase our power, inner strength and who we are as a human being.

Generally, until you understand the engine which drives you, your level of accomplishment, satisfaction and happiness in life will remain about where it is.  When you correctly break down your hidden mechanics within, you’ll have an opportunity to expand and attract at a different level.

  • Empower yourself
  • Empower your world 

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