What is the Driver?

Don Pain Driver Behind All

Special to Goodology by Donald Paine

What was the Driver?

For my wife, our ginger (a ten year old golden retriever that as we say is more of a “bronze evader”) and me it was coincidental. Long before even a thought about the solar eclipse was in our viewer, I was scheduled to be teaching (Internal Family Systems) in Charlotte, North Carolina August 18-20 and then (because of its convenience) we would drive to Hilton Head South Carolina to visit my mother (94) and my brother and his family on August 21 in Bluffton/Hilton Head, SC (one of the best locations to see the eclipse which stretched from Oregon to South Carolina. Clouds and rain prevented our viewing. The next morning I went to the beach for an early morning run/walk (5 am – 8 am).

Notice how the clouds eclipsed the sun spreading light into other clouds in an incredible cloud eclipse exactly the morning after the solar eclipse of the previous day.

Musing as I do, I thought, “what an incredible inspirational message from the maker of heaven and earth”. This might be a message for the maker of heaven and Earth from the solar system to the internal system inside all of us of parts and Self (Sun).

When clouds, moon or anything blocks the light. love, and lesson of the solars system from reach us here it is in a nut shell or a solar eclipse. Whenever you are in a dark space or time remember that the moon, the storms, and clouds only block the reality that is there always form our experience then what we experience darkness storm seems to be all there is because it is all we see.

What we don’t see is that the sun, the “maker of heaven and earth”, “the Self” is there always, shining just as bright and strong, just as translucent and transforming, just a filled with life energy as when it is cut off from our vision, our experience our senses. Perhaps when God or light or love feels the least present or even absent is when the solar system whispers the true reality, “The Sun the Light, the love of all is there always even until the end of time”.

Someone said that! So I am not just saying.

“The message from within your system and from the external solar system is the same: ‘When the clouds, storms and darkness comes, look again and see the light love and presence of the Sun even when it feels absent from your experience it is still present = “The Self in IFS teaching”

Written by Donald Paine


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