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The Message of Goodology®

Under the umbrella of positive influence and being a positive example are:

1. Kindness – Being thoughtful, respectful and giving to other human beings to the best of our ability.

2. Personal Growth – Understanding and implementing the tools which make us stronger, happier human beings.

3. Healthy Living – Living a life that serves healthy bodies and a healthy planet.

When I started out, I called it, People Earth, God (PEG, which was my Grandmother’s name).

In my mind, this is positive influence. I believe this needs to rub off when we are around children and other people – giving the greatest gifts.

In the process, I have produced:

  • The Goodology® Podcast – This radio show speaks with inspirational people who have overcome obstacles to perform acts of kindness, who share their personal growth message or who share their healthy living message.
  • Goodology® Personal Development Through Good – This is my book, which discusses in depth material in the personal growth field. This comes from years of thoughts breaking down human inner energy with no bias or influence from the outside.
  • More to Come

Positive influence definition

If I were to begin to define positive influence, I would start on this page. This ‘start page’ is to tell you what to expect from Goodology®.

Expect a message that is born from kindness. To that end, you’ll find new material in the personal growth field. You’ll also find the best solutions for healthy living.

Positive Influence Definition
If I were to create a Positive Influence Definition, I would start here.