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Conscious MIllionaire Podcast Discusses Goodology with Bernie Fallon

I am happy with the content in this episode of the Conscious MIllionaire. Conscious Millionaire is a book and a radio podcast by J V Crum, III. We discussed Goodology and brought up various principles, which I think are awesome. I didn’t speak of my antenna thoughts in J V’s podcast. But, I think of…

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Bank Turns an ATM into an Automated Thanking Machine

This is a worthwhile (and emotional) short video of an ATM (Automated Thanking Machine). In a world of social media, companies are beginning to spend some advertising dollars this way. Smart move huh? Thank you to the GoodNewsNetwork for the heads up on this Automated Thanking Machine! *The photo above is from this video below:

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Popular NYC Restaurant Finds the Truth About Bad Reviews

They heard they had slow service and long waits for tables. The first impulse was to blame the employees and kitchen staff. But, that is short sighted. They hired a firm to study this. What they found was interesting. And, now, when I am at a restaurant I am very conscious of this! The restaurant owners…

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