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114 Year Old Bernando LaPallo Five Foods for a Healthy Life

Bernando LaPallo: Suggestions on Healthy Living Bernando LaPallo was born in 1901, so at the time of this writing that makes him 114 years old. LaPallo commented, “they had no automobiles, no airplanes. I saw them all come about.” LaPallo sure has come a long way. He said, “well, I know you have heard the old…

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Dr Wayne Dyer Has Passed

Dr Wayne Dyer It was with great sadness when I found out today that Dr. Wayne Dyer (May 10, 1940 to August 30, 2015) had passed away. I was also a bit surprised. I went on a cruise (a writing cruise) with Dr. Dyer and watched him live a quite healthy life. I know he liked…

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The Great Benefits of Rebounding Exercise

Benefits of Rebounding Exercise I have read that an 8 minute session on the mini-trampoline is the equivalent of 24 minutes of jogging! It’s this type of efficient and beneficial exercise that I want to be a part! In truth, I want exercise to be: Easy! Efficient! Effective! Think about what your goals are. Have…

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