Dr Wayne Dyer Has Passed

Dr Wayne Dyer
May 10, 1940 to August 30, 2015

Dr Wayne Dyer

It was with great sadness when I found out today that Dr. Wayne Dyer (May 10, 1940 to August 30, 2015) had passed away. I was also a bit surprised. I went on a cruise (a writing cruise) with Dr. Dyer and watched him live a quite healthy life. I know he liked to swim daily and eat healthy foods.

I also knew he had leukemia a couple of years ago, but he seemed to move beyond that with grace. You can read here about his spirituality and healing from Leukemia.

So Positive, Likable AND Driven 🙂

By “driven” I would say he was inspired. He was inspired to deliver his message. And, Dr Wayne Dyer  is someone who everyone seemed to like. He was very well spoken, smiling and peaceful. I just thought of him yesterday when I remembered how he started his writing career. It was with great confidence. He believed in his message so strongly that he packed his books in his car. Then he drove across the country to sell them.

I am listening to Wane Dyer at the while writing this. He said, “Everything that now exists was once a thought. The greatest gifts that we have been given are our imagination. It all starts with an idea. When there is a calling that you have and you can’t let go of that excitement. That is really God talking to you. It is the invisible part of you. It’s the soul.”

In an announcement from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Facebook Page, his family said:

“Wayne has left his body, passing away through the night. He always said he couldn’t wait for this next adventure to begin and had no fear of dying. Our hearts are broken, but we smile to think of how much our scurvy elephant will enjoy the other side.

We Love You Forever Dad/Wayne

The Dyer Family”

He helped millions of people throughout his career. His many books can be found here on Amazon. And, this video is from 4 months ago, “Dr Wayne Dyer More Words Of Wisdom From The Father Of Motivation.”

The image below was posted on Dyer’s page 9 hours before his family announced he passed. Dr. Dyer had never handled the posting on his pages – in fact he didn’t use a computer. Nonetheless, here is the post:


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