Kindness on September 11th

September 11th Kindness

Kindness on September 11th

You don’t need something bad to happen to perform a good act. But, September 11th, 2017 is the 16th anniversary of the attacks that changed our world forever. It’s a wound in our psyche that is hard to heal.

Habits are hard to change also. Here, step out of day to day life for a moment. Discover options and opportunities for good acts on September 11th and beyond.

A way we can heal is through kindness. Kindness brings out the good in others. It brings out the good in you. Kindness increases trust around you. Kindness takes away fear.


So, for some specific answers to the question, “what can you do that helps others?” You can volunteer. The September 11th National Day of Service and Remembrance was launched in 2002 by the September 11th non-profit MyGoodDeed. This has wide support by the 9/11 community and leading national service organizations.

New Generations of Kindness

New generations of hope. Watch the video. Over 13,000 kids were born on September 11th, 2001. Hope was born on that day too. The video asks us to do one good deed on 9/11. Again, most of us that are visitors to this site are doing good deeds year round. So, perhaps we can amp it up a bit more for 9/11. What do you say?!

More Kind Acts

  • Check out MyGoodDeed here. You can pledge one good deed and then share it with friends.
  • Share the link to this Goodology page with your friends so we can keep the ball rolling.
  • There are various ways you can volunteer here at 9/ You can use keywords and your zip code to find activities.

Still More Kindness on September 11th

Volunteer and Serve – Clothing drives, food drives, volunteering at a shelter, supporting a green initiative and more.

Commemorate 9/11 – Learn how the memorial will commemorate and learn what to do in your community.

Commemorate in the Classroom – Parents and teachers can download age appropriate lesson plans.

Increase Kindness

There are more activities below. Let’s note where are are this year – 15 years later. How many results do you think a Google search for the phrase, “Kindness on September 11th” produced? A total of three. We can’t change the past. We can, though, increase kindness in our lives and in our world.

Next year at this time, let’s check to see how much the increase is for that keyword phrase. Here are some more volunteer opportunities (and please share your own!!).

This is the National September 11th Museum on Facebook where it says, “Take a day to remember the day that changes us forever.”

At ThunderClap, you can join in honoring the victims of 9/11.

On Twitter and other social media, you can use these two hashtags – #911Memorial and #Honor911.

The Flight 93 Memorial is here on Facebook – You can connect with the National Park and National Memorial.

Yes, September 11th should be a day of remembrance. But,don’t let it be a day of fear or negativity. Increase positive in your life. Increase respect for others. Increase kindness. Increase appreciation. Increase awe. Increase love.

What ideas and thoughts do you have to share? Post them in the comments below. Thank you for your year round attention to helping others. And, thanks for the uptick on September 11th. Here are some more:

From CNN in 2009 – “Surely, it should not be a holiday. This is no time for days off from work and three-day weekends to enjoy barbeques and white sales. No, September 11 is a day for reflection, and its historical and emotional significance should not lessen with time or be diminished in any way. It is a day to focus on the substantial lessons learned.”

YouTube 2011 – A Call for 10,000 Acts of Kindness:

  1. September 11th National Day of Service and Remembrance
  2. MyGoodDeed
  3. 9/
  4. Volunteer and Serve
  5. Commemorate 9/11
  6. Commemorate in the Classroom
  7. National September 11th Museum
  8. ThunderClap
  9. Flight 93 Memorial is here on Facebook
  10. Twitter Hashtags #911Memorial and #Honor911
  11. Share Goodology


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