Self help

Learn to Read at Age 70 – Alferd Williams

Alferd Williams says it’s never too late to learn. He began helping a single mother by walking her three children to school. He helped care for the kids in the afternoon also, but could not help them with their homework because he never did learn to read. He was Born in 1937  in Arkansas. He went…

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Book project infusion of happiness

One of the book projects I am working on yields an infusion of happiness through sharing hundreds of positive acts – with a twist. My thought was to write something with many “acts” that supposedly make you feel better.  I have broken it down into categories like things you can do at work to make…

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A Goodology View

Positive affirmations can be useful because they synergistically connect with what you are at your core. They match truths. Before affirmations or any other tool can help us, however, we need to look at the entire set up. There is a mass of energy that exists without being touched. So, if a positive affirmation coincidently…

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