Learn to Read at Age 70 – Alferd Williams

Alferd Williams 70 Year Old Man Learns to Read!

Alferd Williams says it’s never too late to learn. He began helping a single mother by walking her three children to school. He helped care for the kids in the afternoon also, but could not help them with their homework because he never did learn to read. He was Born in 1937  in Arkansas. He went to school at 6 years old, but  at 7 years old working on the farm never afforded him the luxury of continuing.

Alesia Hamilton was the first grade teacher for one of the children Alferd acted as a ‘parent’ to. Upon learning Alferd could not read, she began to teach him. Alferd even enrolled as a student in first grade in 2006!

Alferd decided to stay in Alesia Hamilton’s first grade class and acts as a mentor to the kids. He dances with the kids. He says, “they call me the big guy. They hug me and we talk.” Alferd says, “get your book. It’s time to learn. You are not going to sit in here and not learn.”

Now, he loves reading – he reads and reads. His passion is rubbing off on the kids, who seem to adore him – so does his teacher. He’ll stay there until he gets his GED. Alferd says, “it’s never too late to learn.” Literacy has changed his life.” That is how he wants to be remembered, “A man that didn’t give up. Don’t quit.”


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