Enthusiologist Philippa Ross says Life’s a Load of Balls

Enthusiologist Philippa Ross says Life's a Load of Balls!
Enthusiologist Philippa Ross

Philippa Ross is an enthusiologist with a book coming out called Life’s a Load of Balls – How to Master the Game of Life and Handle Yours. While fun and entertaining, Philippa’s whole system and discussion is very intelligent and well thought out. It’s very in tune. She listens very well to her own intuition and inner guidance. And she learns well – at least now she does…

When she was a young student it was quite different. She was labeled as U for unclassified as a student (which she then deemed Useless). She Failed English language exam 6 times. With a 15% and less, she was doomed!

But, later there was inspiration. Having children in her early 30’s, she wanted to understand Psychology (so she could understand the kids!). She took one course and passed going onto finishing her degree. From a U for useless in school to (I love this) finding her inner desire. She found an inner compass and her own true north.  Now she devours information.

Her passion is to change the education system. She feels that children are not allowed to, basically, be who they are. They are not allowed to grow organically. Think about it – If I look at a tomato seed, I don’t know what it’s going to be – so I can’t force it to be anything other than what it is. Don’t force a kid to be something else than who he or she is. You will be pleasantly surprised by allowing them to flourish. Try to encourage growth in their own direction.

It’s interesting too that Philippa helps people find their own inspiration – their own true north. Her great, great, great grandfather was James Ross who at the age of barely 13 years old set out to discover the north pole using the electro-magnetic field. Where he was involved in the health of the planet. She is involved in the health of people. Very interconnected and a nice theme.

Philippa’s Website:

  1. Cherish Wellbeing

Facebook Pages:

  1. Phlippa’s Page
  2. Bounce It Forward
  3. Life’s a Load of Balls


  1. Life’s a Load of Balls – How to Master the Game of Life and Handle Yours – A fun, down to earth book that offers insights and a self-care skill set to explain how you can use energy from the earths electromagnetic field to invigorate your health and happiness.  Coming Soon!
  2. Inspiration Bible – An inspirational philanthropic book project bringing 365 people together to uplift humanity and make a difference! Coming Soon!

Books Recommended and Discussed in the Podcast:

  1. The Game of Life and How to Play It – written in 1925 by Florence Scovel Shinn
  2. Screw it, Let’s Do It – written by Sir Richard Branson

Philippa’s Likes:

  1. Smiles
  2. Laughter
  3. Hugs

Philippa’s Passion:

  1. Changing the Education System

Greatest Influences:

  1. Albert Einstein – He was a non-comformist – Life as I See It.
  2. Sir Richard Branson – Screw It, Let’s Do It!
  3. Sir Ken Robinson


A quote that came up in this podcast, Aristotle — ‘Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.’

Better World:

It starts with ourselves, our families and goes out to the community. Allowing the growth of children (and all people) to be who they are. Allowing your children to speak their own truth. Even if you think they are talking a load of balls! A tomato seed doesn’t grow into a pickle. And a tomato grows into nothing if you suppress it. When you allow a tomato to be what it is, it’s scrumptious! Do the same with children – our little sprouts.

Bounce It Forward with Philippa Ross
Bounce It Forward with Philippa Ross


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