Good Resources

Good Resources and Tools for Personal Growth:

  1. – This site is awesome. So good and so worth it. You can choose from an endless list of courses. I am hooked. Get 7 days of free unlimited access to
  2. The Sedona Method – Understanding the Sedona Method was one of the best investments in personal growth that I made. But it didn’t start out that way because I misunderstood something I heard! First, let me say that the core understanding here complemented Goodology because the discussion is on a greater power – your inner energy. Release it and allow it to flow. My misunderstanding came when I heard Hale Dwoskin say that the three basic human needs are approval, security and control. I disagreed and spent a year saying, writing and researching that the basic needs are Love, Peace and Growth! Wow, I was fuming. It drove me to study and prove my theory. Well, I listened to the Sedona Method again and it turns out that they said the exact same thing! I just heard it incorrectly. I didn’t have the patience to listen thoroughly. To understand my message in Goodology, this program is helpful.  It could be a welcome prerequisite course. We all need a core understanding of the mechanics, which means releasing a lot of what we have learned. Here is the link to the Sedona Method.
  3. Save Money – Clearing out the junk in your trunk is a key to freedom and happiness. Much of the junk in your trunk is money related. So, how about checking out this website? 65 Ways to Help You Save Money.

Good News Websites:

  1. The Good News Network – Positive and inspiring stories daily. Click HERE.
  2. Huffington Post Good News – Great researched daily good stuff happening. Click HERE.
  3. GreaterGood – Find out how to help others around the world. Click HERE.
  4. – Inspiring and uplifting stories. Click HERE.
  5. This Gives Me Hope – Inspiring people overcoming obstacles and positive living. Click HERE.
  6. Positive News (U.K.) – Global stories of positivity. Click HERE.
  7. Daily Good – News that inspires. Click HERE.
  8. SunnySkyz – Only positive, uplifting and intriguing stories around the world. Click HERE.

Business Resources that have been helpful to me:

  1. Internet Business Mastery – Jeremy and Jason have a good, honest handle on teaching online business. Establishing a foundation, making sure you don’t miss anything is big. If you would like to check them out, the link is here.
  2. Podcaster’s Paradise – John Lee Dumas has generated a nice income from his daily podcast. He shares his knowledge and continually updates his information. If you are interested in podcasting, take a look at John here.
  3. – I am posting this again because it is a resource that has been helpful in business – with this website, in business, social media and beyond.

Positive Podcasts:

  1. Generosity Philosophy – Kim Trumbo talks to people doing inspiring things in the world. Find Kim and her podcast on Facebook here.
  2. Compassion Plans – Bentley Davis shares inspiration and tactics to save the world. Find Bentley and his podcast on Facebook here.