How To Quit Crack Addiction

Love for dog
Mans' dog helps him overcome addiction to crack.

How to Quit Crack

If you have been addicted to a substance you know it’s hard to quit – impossible for some. Gary Pipe quit his addiction for the love of his dog. Pipe was renting a room at at a hotel in Canada in 2002 where he meet a dog named Kolby. He would take the dog for walks and the bond grew.

But Pipe was addicted to smoking this substance called crack. After a period of time, when he smoked the dog would throw up. Or the dog would go in the other room. Gary Pipe was making the dog (and himself) sick. The dog’s intelligence rejected the habit. Because of Pipe’s bond and love for the dog, he quit smoking crack. That was 11 years ago.  Gary Pipe now saves money without the crack expense and uses that money to show more love for the dog – like treating him to steak dinners.

Way to go Gary. The source of this article is MSN NOW.


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