Guide Dog Shows Heart and Love Saving 4 Year Old

Heroic Guide Dog
A guide dog saves the son of his owner and friend.

Awesome Simon The Boxer Dog

Dave Furukawa is visually impaired. He was walking with his four year old child, Will and his 80 pound guide dog, Simon. A red Chrysler blew through a stop sign at a high rate of speed.  The Chrysler was heading toward the three. That’s when something tragic, yet powerful happened.

Witnesses said that the guide dog pushed the 4 year old Will out of the way. The dog’s protective instincts kicked in. But the good deed left Simon in the way of the speeding car. Simon was hit by the car. The dog suffered internal injuries that would be fatal. While onlookers escorted the boy to the family home, the dog followed, even with his injuries, to make sure the owner and son were safe.

Dave, the dog’s owner, Will and Simon made it home. Once the dog was sure that Will was okay, he laid down. Then the dog died.  But, a broken leg, a gash on his side and internal bleeding didn’t stop the dog from showing love the way he did. Dave lost his vision again, he lost a friend and companion.

In reading this, I know that I want to have more of Simon in me. Whether it’s compassion in my job, work ethic in my writing, caring for others – or whatever it is, I will live with that spirit. What can add more love and dedication to today? Who can I give to more? How about you?  For now, thanks Simon. The source of this story is here.  And the video is here:


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