Good Story – Sixth Grader at School for Homeless Children Catches me Off Guard

Be the good in the world
Believe there is good, be the good, goodology, love, compassion, appreciation, respect

by Bernie Fallon

At the school for homeless children where I tutor, here is a short exchange between a 6th grade boy and me.  You never know what sensitive feelings are going on.  So, throughout the day, I try to smile, be supportive and helpful at all times.  

This kid had a smile with every question he asked me.

  • 6th Grader: Will you remember me tomorrow?
  • Me: Yes! I will.
  • 6th Grader: Will you remember me next week?
  • Me: Yes!
  • 6th Grader: Will you remember me in one year?
  • Me: I sure will!
  • 6th Grader: Knock Knock
  • Me: Who’s there?
  • 6th Grader (smiling brightly): I thought you said you would remember me!
  • Me: (laughing) You totally caught off guard. Wow.

Haha.  Great job.  He got me and I laughed!


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