Stolen Bike Returned by Remorseful Thief


Overnight Adventure for Bike!

This is a sweet story of a visiting nurse who rode her bike to visit her patient. Eileen Remedios chained the bike to a pole only to later find out that the bike had been stolen.

Sad, this nurse put a note on the pole that said, “Please return my bike. It is old but it is loved.  It will be frightened without its owner.”

Sure enough, the next day the remorseful bike thief returned the bike with a note that said, “a great big fat sorry from the reformed bike thief. I never mistreated it.”

The thief added new keys and a new lock for the bike.

Ms Remedios said more in a note about the stolen bike, “To the sweet bike borrower, thank you for returning my bike. She said she had a nice time but [is] glad to be back with me.” Source of the story is Metro.UK.

Thank you.

Stolen Bike Please Return

Stolen Bike Please Return III


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