Homeless Children See Through a New Lens

Homeless Children See Life Through a New Lens

Homeless Children – New Lens

One hundred percent of the student population is at or below the poverty line. Homeless children are the largest percentage. So, the lens through which these kids see life tends to lean toward sacrifice, hunger, lack of stability, lack of basic hygiene, abuse, violence, drugs and more.

Although a wonderful environment has been created at Children First Academy, the kids’ life conditions still contain quite a bit of sadness, despair and gloom.

The following statement is not to make any judgment on either/or. It’s just a contrast. The kids’ lives are just different than those with grass backyards, swing sets, ballerina lessons and private baseball coaching. There is a different set of circumstances and hurdles which to overcome for the homeless children.

It’s a life of reactions with not great choices in those reactions. They ‘see’ life differently. It’s a different lens.

What to do? One of my favorite programs was founded by Karen Shell in Phoenix, AZ. She created the inspirational journey of children ages 10-14 who learn to see themselves and the world in a new light with the help of their mentors during the 2016 Kids in Focus program.

See for yourself how the kids strengthen their self worth and gain a new lens on life.

Homeless Children Tap into Their Inspiration Within!

  • On this page, which is the website for Kids in Focus, look at the header images with the quotes (some are below). Think for a minute what this program has meant to the kids! Pause and think of what this new line of vision means to the kids.
  • A while back, I recorded a podcast with Karen. The Goodology Podcast with Karen is here. Karen discusses the program, her backgrounds and her inspirations.
  • If you are going to donate and/or get involved with something, this is a great one! You can learn more, here.

This is the latest video of the 2016 program in Phoenix, AZ.

“I learned who I really am. I started to see things in a whole new way.”

I had a chance to show what I’m worth and what I’m worth doing.”

“I discovered how much beauty there is in the world.”




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