Best Trampoline for Rebound Exercise

Evaluating Rebounders

What is the Best Trampoline?

Rebounders come in various shapes and sizes (and prices too)! I will be discussing some of the various rebounders in the market. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Bellicon – One of the best rebounders is the Bellicon. this may be the best trampoline. It comes in three different sizes ranging from a 39- to a 49-inch diameter. Having tested the middle, the 44-inch model, I would definitely say bigger is better, as there’s not much room for error. If you get a bit over-exuberant (or just lose your balance a little), one big step and you’re off the trampoline. It’s not a big drop-off — you’re only 6 inches or so above the ground — but it’s enough that you could twist an ankle or crash into surrounding furniture if you fell off. Pro tip: Set it up away from furniture.

  • Overall, the Bellicon is a good at-home exercise option if you’re looking for something relatively low impact that won’t hog up half your living room space. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come cheap — the price is $630 for the smallest 39-inch version and a whopping $730 for the largest version.
  • The Bellicon rebounder is undoubtedly the leader in rebounders; it is the benchmark for measuring the performance of all other rebounders.

Needak – makes a great lineup of rebounders. This, I think, is the best value in rebounders. These have been around the longest. I have had two of them over the years, my mom has one and my sister has one. An issue that I have noticed is that the springs do wear out. I have been ‘down a spring’ or two with these in the past – still works. Here’s what I have learned to do. Grease the springs every few months and they will last for a long time. No worries.

Needak Rebounders
One of the best rebounders you can buy is Needak.
  • You can get them in either folding or non folding as well as soft bounce (for lighter people) or hard bounce (for heavier people).
  • All of the Needak models come in either black or blue as well, so it’s nice to have some customization there. All the different options make a Needak run over $300.
  • Needak rebounders come with a lifetime warranty which is incredible. They are very comparable to ReboundAIR in the quality of their construction.
  • When it comes to quality of bounce, the Needak is pretty great – may be the best. There is a nice bounce that is soft and even.

Cellerciser – has been on the market since 1998 and is a very well made rebounder. It may even be the best made rebounder. It “is designed with triple-tiered™ carbon steel annondized springs and all-steel construction.

  • To be honest, the triple-tiered springs are patented and work well. The bounce on a Cellerciser feels even and smooth. The interesting thing is that it seems to offer the same bounce to people of all shapes and sizes.

    Cellercise Rebounder
    A rebounder with all the elements in place.
  • The design of this spring system can actually adjust to the weight of the user. One cool thing (from experience) is that the springs on this one are said to last forever. This makes it great for family use so that multiple people can use it.
  • You can get a Cellerciser in either half-fold or tri-fold, so storage is not an issue. A Cellerciser kit will run anywhere from $325 – $499.

ReboundAIR – makes a great rebounder and backs it up with the best warranty in the industry- lifetime on all parts. Basically they will replace your rebounder at any time if it ever breaks on you.

  • One of the best features of the ReboundAIR is that it can come in non-folding, half folding or even quarter folding. This rebounder is ReboundAIRincredibly easy to store.
  • The bounce feels smooth and soft on a ReboundAIR. It’s probably not quite as soft as the Bellicon, but what is? The ReboundAIR also doesn’t cost nearly the same as a Bellicon, coming in at about $305 – $365.
  • Considering its history, quality, lifetime warranty and affordable price, the ReboundAIR probably offers the best value of any rebounder.

Urban Rebounder – The easiest way to do rebounding exercise at home may be to use Urban Rebounder. You can buy a bundle from them which includes a folding rebounder and several workout videos, all for around $130. That’s an amazing deal. But…

  • The quality of the Urban Rebounder itself is not fantastic. Still, its much better than you would expect from a rebounder under $130. There isn’t a warranty on parts, but they do sell replacement parts for very little and their website has instruction manuals for how to change any part on the rebounder.
  • You can notice the bounce on the Urban Rebounder is not as soft and smooth as something like a Bellicon, but that’s only when you set them side by side. All in all this will get the job done, and you cannot beat the price. If you are new to rebounding and are looking at how to get started, Urban Rebounder may be an option. But, I would still suggest spending a bit more because a poor rebounder can sour you on the activity.

Stamina – This is a 36 inch folding trampoline. One thing I have noticed with the lesser expensive trampolines is that it’s harder to bounce for a long period of time. I get tired quickly! I bought one from Walmart, which tires me in 3 minutes. It’s hard work, which seems like a good workout. But it just didn’t do the trick. My goal in rebounding is to exercise for a sustained period because of the health benefits.

Conclusion – This is an area where I would not be concerned about spending a bit more money. The reason? The benefits of rebounding exercise are so vast. The exercise is worth it and beneficial. These things last a long time – essentially a lifetime. I have been happy with Needak, but the Cellerciser, the Bellicon and the RebondAIR would get the job done for you. Good luck and happy bouncing.


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