Angel of The Gap Prevented Suicides in Australia

Don Ritchie, Angel of the Gap; photo clip from video below, from the Sydney Morning Herald

There is a cliff known as “The Gap,” that is the most famous suicide spot in Australia. It’s estimated that one person per week commits suicide at The Gap. Several measures had been taken between 2008 and 2011 including an inward leaning fence, security cameras and a suicide counseling phone booths. But the biggest savior had been a neighbor.

Angel of The Gap

Don Ritchie lived across the street from The Gap with an absolutely beautiful view. But, with all that negativity, some view it as undesirable real estate. Don Ritchie thought otherwise. He is said to have saved 164 of those suicides over the years – since 1964. If he saw someone near the cliff, he would approach them, smile and say, “can I help you in some way?” He asked them if they would like to go back to his house for tea. Sometimes they joined him.

People returned years later to thank Ritchie for his efforts talking them out of suicide. Don Ritchie passed away at the age of 86 in May of 2012. Watch him speak below 🙂

The story was compiled from Gawker and Wikipedia.

The Gap looking north.JPG
The Gap looking north” by Ajayvius (talk) – self-made. Via Wikipedia.


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