Top Ten Happiest Countries in the World


The World Happiness Report for 2013 is out. Who do you think are the happiest people? What country is NUMBER ONE on the top ten happiest chart? The countries of Northern Europe rank high. Why do you think countries in Northern Europe fared well in this happiness study?

The findings show that the single biggest factor in individual happiness is mental health – a healthy positive outlook and attitude, which could more likely fall into place when the factors below are met. The study reports that a good percentage, up to 10%, of the world suffers from clinical depression and anxiety disorders.

One of the primary factors to measure a country’s health is GDP, Gross Domestic Product. They also look at years of healthy life expectancy. Having someone to count on ranks highly in this study. Another is, how they perceive the level of corruption in their country.  Also important in the study is the frequency of generosity and perceived freedom to live their lives.

The United States is 17th on the list. The Top Ten Are:

10. Australia
9. Iceland
8. Austria
7. Finland
6. Canada
5. Sweden
4. Netherlands
3. Switzerland
2. Norway  …  And the happiest country in the world is..

1. Denmark!



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