Boston Marathon Bombing Double Amputee is Running Again!

Amazing comeback so far by Celeste Corcoran who lost both legs in the Boston Marathon Bombing

Celeste Corcoran ran for the first time since the Boston Marathon Bombing on April 15th 2013. How amazing are some people? Congratulations to this point Celeste.

You can see how much challenge she has been through. You can also see the determination. You can see the support. The video below came from YouTube after searching the Facebook page to support Celeste and Sydney Corcoran. Her daughter Sydney nearly died from blood loss due to shrapnel wounds. Together the two have made an emotional yet inspirational journey back.

Celeste, a double amputee is running again – when you look at the video of Celeste think of two things.

  1. What is positive that that you may be putting off?
  2. What can you do today to increase peace in your world?

Post in the comments below if you would like. Celeste and Sydney have an account set up at Go Fund Me where you can also see updates.


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