Brake Mechanic – from Homeless to Purpose

Brake Mechanic goes from Homeless to Purpose

Hakeem Muhammad lost everything. He lost his job, his wife, and his home each for separate reasons. Now, homeless, what would he do?

Some folks in that situation, drink, do drugs, steal or complain. He did something different. He spotted an old abandoned house at auction. This Michigan house didn’t even have all of its windows, heat or electricity. He paid $500 for the property and started a business.

His skill was working on cars so he became a brake mechanic! He would charge $35 plus parts.

The neighborhood had trouble embracing him in the beginning. But Muhammad knew who he was, especially as he began to bury his head into books – self-help books, spiritual books and motivational books. This thirst for knowledge kept expanding. He began writing quotes and phrases from the books on the walls creating a comfortable, nourishing environment.

He now has his own version of success and he has purpose. In an old shack with broken windows and no electricity, he made something. He built warmth and comfort through his desire to learn. You can read the full story here in the Detroit Free Press.


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