Caring Garbage Men Built Great Friendship with Boy

Four Year Old is Best Buddies with the Trash Men

When I was young, I used to sit on the warm radiator looking out the window at the snow plows going by. Or, my brother and I would go to another window watching a snowmobile drive through the yard shining its lights at night. The man on the snowmobile would wave hello. Once from yet another window, the oil man gave  me a smile and a hello through the glass, which made my day.

The following story is about positive relationships and building trust in young people. It’s about the excitement of a young boy waiting for his buddies to arrive. The two garbage men spent time being patient, thoughtful and caring with Mycal over a two year period. I think, they forever changed the outlook of this young boy. The guys didn’t rush through their job and they didn’t ignore the boy. By being thoughtful, they taught thoughtfulness. 

For two years, Mycal waited by the window on the scheduled trash day. Early on when Mycal was three years old the drivers, Derrick Hill and Camay Ulysse noticed him in the window. They began waving back to him. In response, the boy’s Mom sent a letter to the company, Republic Services, praising the employees for their work and caring attitude. And, in response to that, Republic Services gave Derrick and Camay some trash coloring books and some mini toy trash cans.

The great friendship grew, they became buddies. But, sadly, the contract of Republic Services is over at the end of this year. A new company will pick up the trash moving forward. Life moves on, but they will always have a good feeling of the relationship of trust, that friendship and that gratitude that was built between the families. Here is the video, a sweet story.


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