Panera Bread to Remove Artificial Ingredients

Panera Bread decides to remove artificial ingredients.

Let me first mention that we had breakfast last week at a place called, Our Daily Bread in Chatham, NY. I had known this organization for wholesaling top quality bread. But, I didn’t realize they had a couple of restaurants. Wow.

Never mind the food’s taste and presentation being top notch, after eating breakfast I felt really good! I didn’t feel bogged down and chemically induced. It’s all a step in the right direction. On a larger scale, Panera Bread is a chain restaurant setting a good example for quality food.

Panera says it’s about halfway through the removal of artificial ingredients in their recipes for their restaurants. Unfortunately, Panera is not swearing off genetically modified ingredients (like Chipotle suggests they will doing soon) but it’s a start.

And a good one as natural ingredients these days are a marketing sword that wields good power. You feel better when you eat quality. You don’t feel as guilty. You are doing something better for your kids and the environment. Yeah. So, thanks to the companies that have taken these steps.

Now, we have to consistently act in support. When we do, it shifts the demand which will in turn shift the supply. As I said, it’s a start. That breakfast at Our Daily Bread tasted great and I felt great. A story is here from NBC News.


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