Inner Currency is Your Greatest Value

Like the sun, water, air and limited restriction allow grass to grow...

A Shift in Thinking

So much attention these days is paid to your thoughts. You’ve heard that your thoughts are things. You have heard that your thoughts determine your actions. Or, your thoughts are creating your reality. Change your thoughts, change your life! Really?

What are your thoughts? Your thoughts are representations of your feelings. Your feelings come from the ebb and flow of your inner energy.

If you are in a fear state, your thoughts will reflect that. If you are in pain, your thoughts will reflect that. If you are concerned, apprehensive or alarmed, your thoughts will be in line.

What happens to your thoughts if your energy is flowing freely and vibrantly? What if you are laughing? You can only think positive thoughts. If you feel joy, your thoughts will reflect that. But it doesn’t change from the top down, it changes from the bottom up – for true and lasting change, that is.

Your greatest value is your inner energy flow. If your energy is flowing vibrantly and freely, you are alive, willing and eager to enjoy life. If your energy is not flowing, you are dead or close to it.

Which would you prefer?

Your life lies somewhere in between all out joy and five-alarm fear. Consider, when you are reading your next personal development book, that your thoughts have origin. Shift your thinking to feeling. Experience an uptick in the feeling and flowing portion of your life. This is how change happens in your life – by way of these inner mechanics.

  • Thinking is making labels and thoughts in your mind.
  • Feeling is increasing the flow of energy in your body.

Flowing energy is made up of everything in the image box above. Live with grace, honesty, appreciation, allowing, adoration, respect and enjoy it all.

Thoughts you have are based on your feelings anyway. So much attention is focused on changing your thoughts. I wrote about this in my book. It’s like the ducks rotating at the carnival. You shoot at the duck and knock it down. But then it pops right back up the next time around!

The same happens with your thoughts. So, you can change them today and tomorrow they will pop back up (more likely later today they pop back up). The process in Goodology focuses on energy. From there, you have a fighting chance.

If your energy flow is stagnant, the labels will return in your brain as “I can’t” or “life sucks” that are lifeless movement. If your energy is vibrant and flowing, your thoughts will return as, “I can,” “let’s do” and “life is beautiful.”

When your inner energy begins flowing more options and opportunities exist in your life. You say ‘yes’ to more. You enjoy more. You smile more. Life is more fun. You, that is, ‘you’ create it all. You do that with your inner energy. Feel the sensation of each feeling on the right.

Keep it Simple

Plywood sitting atop the grass stunts growth.
Plywood sitting atop the grass stunts growth. What happens when your energy flow is suppressed?

Don’t make personal growth more complicated than it is. Here’s an interesting thing. It’s hard enough to feel and locate the energy of which I am talking. If you complicate with misinformed strategy, you are experiencing idle movement away from a goal of growth.

Anytime you read or study personal growth material carry this knowledge with you – if it is not expanding your inner energy flow, then it is not really growth. Perhaps you could call it learning strategy rather than personal growth.

Learning strategy might teach methods and skills that help you combat issues in day to day life – it’s cool stuff. And it’s very useful. Strategy, though, is new information while using the same amount of inner power.

  • The size of your gas tank is the same.
  • The size of your motor is the same.

BUT you have new information. That’s like having a new paint job. It’s like having shiny wheels. It’s like having new windshield wipers. It’s all good stuff, but your motor is the same size. The amount of gas you put in is the same. Your energy can only take you so far. If you expand your inner currency, different things happen. There is no other choice.

It’s Automatic.

Personal growth is expansion

In this case, the gas tank opens up and flows. You don’t even need gas anymore. Your energy is flowing and you are powered by a greater source. This is the only way to realize your greatest value. I mean, you have felt it when you laugh. You have felt it when you love. You have felt it when you respect another person. This is energy flow giving you whole body intelligence, not living shut down on the opposite side of fear.

Think about growth like this. There is a piece of plywood laying atop the grass. What happens? The grass turns yellow, then dies going back to dirt. The grass isn’t allowed to grow. In personal growth, you are allowing your energy to flow. If you take the plywood off the grass, it gives the grass a chance to breathe!

The sun warms and nourishes the grass. The air and water offer nutrition to grow. The physical restriction of the plywood is gone.

With personal growth, you need to take off the compression of physical restrictions that you put on yourself.  If you don’t identify them, you’ll never remove them and be forced to live a life listening to personal development experts teaching you strategies.

On the other hand, if you listen to your own intelligence and live in joy, you have a separate path of possibilities. You begin to trust and have faith in a greater power carrying you. Yow allow that to happen. You appreciate it. You are thankful for the increased joy you feel.

Growth is open and free. It may not feel exciting but when you are growing you have put the elements in place and are living in accordance to your greatest power.  When grass gets sunshine, water, air and limited restriction, good things happen. The funny part is that you may not feel like anything is happening whereas when you are reacting and working with strategy playing chess, you feel like you are doing something.

That’s about exciting as watching grass grow. Yeah, you can’t see your growth in the moment. But on certain summer days when the rain comes followed by the sun, you can almost see the grass grow.  You don’t need to have faith to know the grass is going to grow because you know that when the conditions are right, it will happen.

But, I do want to inject an element of faith and trust to know that when the conditions are right, your life will grow the way you want it.

Something we need to do is find ways of removing the plywood from the grass, which is a metaphor for removing the self-imposed blocks of your energy flow. Get truthful with your inner energy. Read the book.

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