Deaubrey Devine Supports Others Through The Monks of Knowledge

Deaubrey Devine is The Monk of Knowledge
Deaubrey Devine is The Monk of Knowledge

Deaubrey Devine was homeless as a teenager. His family’s house was foreclosed on – to the streets, to hotels, to friends couches. The family didn’t know where shelter and food was coming from. Deaubrey was angry, upset, blaming and confused.

Often, from this energy, sometimes negative reaction comes. Deaubrey took that negative energy within him and made a shift. He became a backbone for his family. He became the positive light. He became supportive. This shift in attitude has triggered him to start an entire community helping and supporting others!

The Monks of Knowledge is a community centered around videos with discussion of positive energy topics like the chakra system, unconditional love, self love, ancient civilizations, the ego and more. Deaubrey says he doesn’t want people suffering alone. And, driven by compassion for people, Deaubrey has become incredibly well informed and enlightened.

He realizes he has a long way to go and is enjoying the process. A great distinction that I noticed about Deaubrey was his self-awareness. When I asked him about the beauty of problems (a situation that he embraced that turned his life around), he said it was his own negative way of thinking. This is a great distinction for a young man that is not even 20 years old!

Hats off to the young people doing positive things. Keep up the great work Deaubrey. May we all support you in the way you support others. Thank you.


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Deaubrey’s Likes:

  1. Helping people
  2. Eating healthy
  3. Being on camera

Deaubrey’s Passion:

  1. Making a difference

Deaubrey’s Thoughs on Changing the World Begin With:

  1. Changing himself


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