Daughter Diagnosed with Cancer, NFL Player Cut from Team

The Cincinnati Bengals make a great move helping Devon Still

He broke down in tears and couldn’t stop crying. His daughter (“the energetic light of his life”) is diagnosed with stage 4 pediatric cancer. After that, NFL player Devon Still’s play on the football field decreased because his attention was less than on football at that point. So, the Bengals cut Still from the team.  At that point, the team made a decision that was best for their football team.

What would Devon Still do? What would his family do? How would he pay the bills? In what turned out to be a blessing in disguise, the Cincinnati Bengals offered Still a spot on their practice squad. This means that the football player will receive $6,300 per week in salary plus health insurance!

As it turned out the Cincinnati Bengals made a decision that was best for Devon Still and his daughter. Being on the practice squad, most importantly, he has more time to spend with his little girl.



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