Ed Plant Creatively Feeds Homeless and Hungry


Ed Plant has received an award for his acts of kindness from 8 News Now in Las Vegas.  Plant has been performing acts of kindness with no one watching for years. He doesn’t have a camera showing his work. Ed Plant will be doing what he does YouTube or no YouTube. He operates from his own heart and lives to care.

Plant’s friend Ashlee Harp said, “He’s a wonderful man. He’s not only touched my heart, he’s touched so many others, and I can’t think of a better person who deserves this.”

Plant says, “Sometimes I have tears in my eyes because we have so may people just in our neighborhood right here that need help. Everybody has to have food, clothing and a place to stay.” Ed Plant is 75 years old. He collects odd and ends then sells these goods (the types of items you would see at a flea market) to people in his community. He then uses the money to buy food for others.

8 News NOW


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