Powerful Video Shows Giving

Wonderful video shows store owner giving to child

A  powerful 3 minute video showing a store owner giving a lasting gift coincided with a thought that I had this morning about the origin of the word Goodology®. It must be a sign to write and share!

My Grandfather Francis was a grocery store owner with a great outlook. From the stories I have heard, the act in the video is just like an act from Francis. In my talks with my grandfather over the years, things were GOOD!

  • Quaker State, “that’s good oil.”
  • The guy selling insurance – “that’s good insurance.”
  • My favorite, was when my grandfather spoke of another person, “he is a good guy.”

I loved hearing his calm well-spoken thoughts, I loved seeing his smile and I love hearing stories told by others about the way he gave. He was born in 1900 so it was easy to keep track of his age over the years.  The Great Depression happened while my Grandfather ran a very successful grocery store. During that time, they gave away a lot – they had to.  It must have become a habit.

If you think about it, giving happens more easily when you keep your house in order.  If Francis was living an extravagant lifestyle, it would be more difficult in his case to give.   Francis’ joy was the energy of connection, of care and of compassion. He gave the moment to people and he gave the feeling the moment called for.  He did it honestly.

Some people can become bitter if they give, but don’t receive ‘anything in return.’ Make giving about act and feeling of giving and sharing. Live in a different energetic currency. Give energy, give the moment. My grandfather and this man in the video gave energy – the energy of good! Watch!


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