Great-Grandmother Feeds 200 Needy Children Daily

Great Grandmother Helps Needy Children
Great Grandmother Helps Needy Children

Organization Feeds 200 Needy Children Per Day

In Grays Harbor County, Washington there is a grandmother named Phyllis and her team of volunteers living with their eyes wide open. They are making sure that needy children in the county don’t go hungry.

Phyllis says, “it’s a depressed area with no business, no industry. There’s no work. There are no jobs.” She found out the school districts were not offering free or reduced lunches, she started fund raising. “It’s all volunteer because we don’t have funds,” she said.

Every morning volunteers pack lunches with non-perishable items. Then Phyllis and other drivers deliver. She hits about 90 herself. The others are picked up by other drivers. The excitement of the kids is great when she shows up. But, Phyllis has a deeper message,” You are offering the children hope and love… and a lunch. They need to know that somebody cares.”

Thank you Phyllis.


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