Kindness of a Cup of Sugar Turns into Eviction Battle


Don’t we hear these days that the kindness of neighbors isn’t what it used to be? People are too busy in their lives to really be social and helpful? But, in truth, I think deep down, it’s natural for neighbors to be kind to one another. It’s effortless. We have an inner energy to help someone in need – especially for a cup of sugar.

Well, here is a new twist on the kindness of neighbors that made me smile. When you add certain neighborhood dynamics, like a “Nosy Nellie” things happen. First, let me say that I don’t know the specifics, or the parties involved, but I love to believe in the good of people. They both seem good, that is for sure. And, I also understand in Government Housing (public housing assistance) and know they must abide by the rules for safety and a peaceful neighborhood.

So, the tenants must keep an eye out for illegal transactions. But in this case, see what turning a good old fashioned cup of sugar turned into!

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