Ripple Kindness Project Founder Lisa Currie

Lisa Currie of Ripple Project
Lisa Currie of Ripple Project

Positive stories and people helping others are spreading ripples of kindness throughout the world! Lisa Currie founded Ripple Kindness Project in Australia several years ago.

With Ripple Kindness you can share your stories of kindness, read stories of kindness and get ideas for kindness. This is for adults and kids alike. In fact Lisa has developed a school program for primary and elementary school kids. It teaches kids about their emotions first. Then it teaches the children to be kind to others through teaching different activities. Find out about Ripple’s whole school kindness curriculum here.

Lisa believes that the kinder kids are the less likely they are to bully. Changing a mindset especially when they are coming from a less than supportive home. Hear Lisa’s genuine heartfelt passion for her project in The Goodology Podcast!

Ripple Kindness on Facebook

Ripple Kindness School Curriculum – Find out Ripple’s whole school kindness curriculum here!

Ripple Kindness Recommended Reading

Lisa’s Likes:

  • Home and Family – spending time with her awesome boys and husband – quiet time on the couch at the end of the week – winding down having that peace.
  • Simplicity – don’t make mountains out of mole hills where it’s not needed.

I Like Expanded! Lisa’s Passion:

  • Making a difference to kids in particular.

 Greatest Influences:

  • Her husband for being one of the most supportive people she knows and his encouragement.
  • An 87 year old woman who followed and supported Ripple Kindness Project through Facebook and the Internet. She would share events in her life and the beautiful things she had done in her life. Lisa got to know her and love her. And, also got to follow the woman’s journey with Alzheimer’s. That was heartbreaking because she passed away last year at the age of 89. She, though, shared all of her acts of kindness with Lisa and built a warm friendship.

Good Story:

The school bully pulls Lisa aside and says, “remember that special assembly we had?” He is careful to see no one is watching him speak to the Kindness Lady. Lisa said, “yes. I remember the assembly, why?” He said, “I really liked it.”

How to make the world a better place:

Kindness – Just by teaching kindness there is such a shift that can happen. It makes a huge influence in the way we feel, the way we think about ourselves and the way we think about other people. Kindness really has a huge potential to change so many things. It’s kind of like a natural anti-depressant. You are making yourself feel better without the need of a pill.


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