Twelve year old boy GIVES ball in a GREAT MOMENT

Wonderful young man shares ball with another fan.

I love this!  Watch the boy the moment he realizes that the other boy is upset.  He makes a direct confident move toward the other kid.


It’s a wonderful moment for sure!  In my upcoming contest, I talk about moments. For example, when you smile at someone, there is a moment when the other person recognizes your smile and releases.  They relax and may smile back.

This youngster here has two ‘moments’ in the video.  One is so cool where he notices and realizes that the other kid is sad.  Immediately and confidently he walks back to the Brewers’ fan and gives him the ball.  The second moment would be right there when he hands over the ball.

Increase Good

The more we increase these moments and actually seek them out, the more peaceful our world will be.


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