A Letter From Fred – “Oh Sweet Lorraine” An Amazing Song Written by 96 year-old!

Amazing song written by Fred about his wife Lorraine

Fred is a 96 year old man who wrote a song about his wife Lorraine who he lost.  He saw a songwriting contest and decided he would write

a song about Lorraine.  Fred had no singing or musical skills but the production company, Green Shoe Studio, graciously produced this amazing song from their hearts to Fred.

This is a great story of music with heart, passion and honesty.  It’s a great story of a man who misses his wife, feels the pain of not having her, yet appreciates the wonderful, fulfilling 75 years which was like a dream. This is worth watching.  Thank you Fred for a positive, heart warming gift.

You can support Fred by buying the song on ITunes.

As an update is here. Two years ago this month, “Oh Sweet Lorraine” spent a week on the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 42. It’s credited to Green Shoe Studio for their work.


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