Ramgiri Talks Love, Liberation and HeartSourcing

Ramgiri talks love, liberation and heartsourcing
Ramgiri talks Love, Liberation and Heartsourcing

If you want the tools to transform your life, it begins here. All the love that anyone has ever experienced comes from your heart. Deeper than you have seen, there is a source of love that is unending. It’s peace, clarity and true happiness. It’s all the same thing. Ramgiri calls it HeartSourcing. The book is HeartSourcing – Finding Our Way to Love and Liberation. Listen here.

Ramgiri’s book is now available HERE!

Links: – Connect with Ramgiri to learn more about HeartSourcing:

Three Likes:

  1. Nature
  2. Sculpting
  3. People


1. Create a Revolution of Love that starts inside YOU – inside each individual being.

To Make the World a Better Place:

Open your heart. Do something for someone else and even do something for yourself. Become part of this revolution of love. You can make it into a systematic way of freeing yourself from everything that is painful and stressful. Then find the great source of love that is peace and harmony within yourself. It can surprise you in profound ways.


  1. Ramgiri is friends and has been friends with Ram Dass since around 1971. He is one of our great spiritual teachers. Find out more here.  Or at Ram Dass’ website here.
  2. Ramgiril also mentions his guru (and the guru for Ram Dass) named Neem Karoli Baba, also called Maharaji. Learn more here.

Recommended Books:


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